UFC 239 Betting Preview: Jones vs Santos

What’s the quick take preview of the UFC media in these fights?. Summarize 2-3 short sentences.

Main event preview: Jones vs Santos

Embroiled in controversy, Jones will fade fast and Santos will swarm. Expect Santos to win in round 2 with a KO or TKO. Some more content.

Jon Jones has work cut out for him

Even though he’s the champ, the sportsbooks aren’t holding out much of a chance for Jones. In a perfect world, he’ll do this, but I expect him to come out like a “something soft as an example.”

Santos is a good bet, pulls upset

Santos is a slight underdog, but I think he should be rated higher. Here’s how he pulls the upset: Elaborate.

Best bet: Santos gets the KO and the belt

The following is how I think the fight will go based on my fighter summaries above. Santos gets the KO with his signature cross, hook, cross late in round 2.

CoMain event preview: Nunes vs Holm

1-3 sentences for intro to the fight. In advance, tell the reader the result will be, you’ll explain further later.

Nunes: power-house for a reason, a smart bet

What’s her game plan going to be? Good bet or not?

Holm: her KO power makes good underdog bet

Her capability of quick KOs but lack-of-performance is why she’s a good underdog.

Best bet: Nunes will probably win but Holm can’t be ignored

I think nunes will win but the fact that Holm is underrated despite her KO ability makes me think twice. Bold restate.

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