UFC 238 Betting Preview: Cejudo vs Moraes

Summarize the content the user is about to read in this article. 2-3 short sentences.

Main event preview: Cejudo vs Moraes

Add your quick take on what a view/bettor can expect to see from this fight. Explosive match? Ground n’ pound grind? Late sub from the ground expert after the striker is tired?

Cejudo’s game plan

What should this fighter’s game plan be? Does he/she match up well with their opponent?

Moraes’s best chance

Again, lend us your thoughts on what this fighter will do and how they’ll handle the fight.

Best bet: Cejudo wins by TKO round 3

Expect a long grind with both fighters taking significant damage. However, Cejudo’s flurry late in round 3 catches his opponent off guard. Restate your prediction in bold text.

CoMain event preview: Shevchenko vs Eye

1-3 sentence intro to the fight. Up-front, tell the reader what you think the outcome will be. You’ll explain why later.

Shevchenko’s smartest strategy

Describe what you think they’ll do to win.

Eye’s approach to bout

Describe what you think they’ll do to win.

Best bet: Eye wins by Unanimous Decision

Elaborate on how you think the match will go. Restate your prediction in bold text.

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