Ruiz vs Joshua 2 Betting: Results of the Biggest Boxing Fight in 2019

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Anthony Joshua successfully retained his heavyweight title after putting on a technical clinic on Andy Ruiz.

The betting sportsbooks were right! They had marked Joshua as the favorite and he did indeed go on to win.

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If you want to read about the Ruiz vs Joshua betting chatter before the fight, continue on and get a sense of what the best fight picks were.

Ruiz vs Joshua Odds

FighterMoneylines* to win
Anthony Joshua-300
Andy Ruiz Jr.+235

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According to some Ruiz vs Joshua odds provided by some of the most popular US sportsbooks, the odds are in favor of Anthony Joshua, which can come as a bit surprising for some of you, given the outcome of the last match. 

Speaking of which, before we continue talking about Ruiz vs Joshua predictions, let’s first briefly recapitulate one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history. 

Summary of their First Fight

Initially, Anthony Joshua supposed to face Jarell Miller. However, Miller failed three drug tests and didn’t get a boxing license.

Therefore, Andy Ruiz Jr. got the chance to challenge Anthony Joshua, the undefeated WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight champion.

Before the fight, many considered Ruiz as nothing more than a simple replacement who didn’t stand much chance against the unified heavyweight champion.

According to Ruiz vs Joshua odds, Joshua was heavily favored. Andy Ruiz Jr. came as a massive underdog, who eventually turned out to be a great betting pick. 

Andy Ruiz Jr. won the match via TKO in the 7th round, becoming the new champion. That came as quite a surprise and we can easily say even shock of the century.

The outcome of the fight is comparing to two of the greatest upsets in boxing history – Lennox Lewis vs Hashim Rahman in 2001 and Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas in 1990. 

Now it remains to see what to expect when it comes to Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua 2. 

Ruiz v Joshua betting on rematch
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Bet on Ruiz vs Joshua 2: The Rematch

After losing by technical knockout in the seventh round to Andy Ruiz Jr. on June 1, 2019, at Madison Square Garden, Joshua is still favorite for the clash. 

Let’s see what to expect when it comes to betting on Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua 2. 

One thing is sure, Ruiz will be confident after his success but at the same time, he’ll be under a lot of pressure.

On the other hand, after Anthony Joshua has experienced his first professional defeat, he’ll be eager to get back on his feet. Honestly, that’s also quite a pressure on him too. 

All in all, if you take a look into current Ruiz vs Joshua vs odds, you can see that they are in favor of Anthony Joshua. However, should we put all of our trust in him after what happened earlier this year? 

Some of Ruiz vs Joshua predictions make us think that the sportsbooks might have gotten the odds wrong.

To get ready for Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua 2, we decided to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and objectively measure the quality of their boxing style. 

Andy Ruiz Jr. Betting Odds

Make a betMoneylines* for bet
Ruiz wins via Points or Decision+1500
Ruiz wins by KO/TKO+280
Ruiz wins in Rounds 1-3+1300
Ruiz wins in Rounds 4-6+900
Ruiz wins in Rounds 7-9+1000

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The truth is that nobody was taking him seriously for the first match. Anyway, Andy Ruiz Jr. has shown that he’s not someone that we should underestimate. After all, he managed to win Joshua and become the first Mexican-American to enter boxing history books as heavyweight champion. 

Like we have already said, for Ruiz vs Joshua, the odds are in favor of Anthony Joshua. However, after coming as a 10/1 underdog for the first match, now the odds aren’t that long but in the bookmakers’ eyes, he has fewer chances of winning. 

Ruiz’s Strengths and Weaknesses

If you remember, the first two rounds of the previous fight weren’t that exciting. The two fighters were feeling each other out, but round three brought a drastic change; Joshua managed to knockdown Ruiz. However, he got up on his feet, returning with a cascade of punches.

According to what we’ve seen so far, we can say that the main feature of Ruiz’s style is power. He certainly punches hard, what we have already seen in their first match.

Ruiz has 21 knockouts out of 32 wins in total. In percentage, it’s still less than Anthony Joshua (21KO out of 22 wins), but it’s pretty convincing when it comes to betting. 

When it comes to Ruiz’s weaknesses, we can see that his defense is something that he can work on. Another thing that might cost him victory is his footwork. It’s not bad, but still, it’s not among the best of the heavyweight division. 

Joshua Betting Odds

Make a betMoneylines* for bet
Joshua wins via Points or Decision+380
Joshua wins by KO/TKO-130
Joshua wins in Rounds 1-3+650
Joshua wins in Rounds 4-6+430
Joshua wins in Rounds 7-9+460

*Lines from FanDuel Sportsbook are subject to change. Register to bet now.

The sportsbooks’ betting pick yet the one who lost the first time, Anthony Joshua is still the favorite. Out of 22 wins, 21 of them came via knockout. If we take into account his boxing style we can see why bookmakers offer short odds on him, but could they be wrong? 

Before we discuss further tips on how to bet on Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua 2, let’s see what Joshua’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Joshua’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Unlike Ruiz, Joshua has fantastic footwork, great power, and technique growing in each match. He’s one of those who get better over time. He’s also a great athlete. However, there’s a difference between being a great athlete and a great boxer. 

His greatness can be his best friend or worst enemy. He has had a great amount of success which he achieved quickly. Becoming very successful that fast sometimes can be bad for athletes.

Being the best is something that implies an awful lot of responsibility since everybody expects you to stay that way. 

Of course, boxing is not the only sport with odds markets; try betting on MMA too.

Ruiz vs Joshua 2: Final Predictions

When it comes to betting on Andy Ruiz vs Joshua 2, Ruiz has nothing to lose.

On the other hand, Joshua will be more under pressure, because during the fight, Ruiz will be on a less emotionally charged trip than his opponent.

At the same time, we shouldn’t be misled by Ruiz’s looks. Joshua is a great athlete, but as we said, it’s one thing being a good athlete, and another being a great boxer.  

There are some pros and cons of betting on one of these fighters that we’ve talked about in previous paragraphs of our article.

Finally, make sure to check the odds for various betting markets and not just go for the outright winner. Maybe you’ll find some more interesting betting possibilities.

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