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Do you need to get the latest UFC Pay Per View? Use ESPN+ to get the UFC PPV as well as a discounted annual subscription to their content library. Save 25% with this deal.

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Get Latest UFC PPV

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Latest UFC PPV and ESPN+ annual subscription for $84.98. New subscribers only. Subscription will renew on an annual basis at the annual subscription price, plus tax, where applicable. Cancel anytime. Subject to terms & conditions.

This is a new content subscription and viewing platform. You can stream UFC exclusive content with this service. It is similar to the likes of Netflix and Hulu, just with sports. 

If you’re a new customer, you can buy a UFC PPV and get an annual subscription for $84.98 – this will save you about 25% if you were to buy them separately.

How to Buy UFC PPVs

First, you have to sign up and create an account. Simply click our button to get the UFC PPV and go directly there. You can also use your web browser and the on-screen prompts to buy your product. Then you pay for the UFC Pay Per View as well as the subscription month to month. You may cancel at any time. 

Finding a service that fits your needs can be difficult with all of the competition out there. It is even harder to find one that has the sports you crave at any time you want to access it. 

Is there such a thing as too much sports content? Hard to believe, but what if you could have access to just about every sport and live event?

ESPN just recently signed a deal with the UFC, which made a lot of people unhappy at first. This makes it easier to see upcoming fights just about every weekend they have one at any place your device will go with you. 

The deal should benefit fans, as the amount of content available should greatly pass any amount of money to pay for these services. 

Watch The Next UFC 249 PPV



Get Latest UFC PPV

Bundle with ESPN+ Annual Plan

Save %25

Latest UFC PPV and ESPN+ annual subscription for $84.98. New subscribers only. Subscription will renew on an annual basis at the annual subscription price, plus tax, where applicable. Cancel anytime. Subject to terms & conditions.


If you are a new subscriber, then you were eligible for a deal that included a one-year subscription to ESPN+ (a $49.99 value) and UFC Pay Per View (a $64.99 value) for $84.98. That same offer will be available for next month’s UFC big card. 

This is perfect if you’re betting on UFC 249 and need to follow the action.

You save a little money this way, especially if you plan on using the huge amount of sports content available to you. You are getting the best bang for your buck this way. 

You can also purchase them separately, and you can sign up monthly for $4.99. Once you are signed up, you can then get a UFC pay-per-view separately for $64.99. If you are not sure about the rest of the content, you can go for this option if you feel like it would be too much to handle. 

Additionally, if you are already a subscriber, you can also still get the special bundle price. Instead of having a brand new subscription, you will just extend your current one by a year and get the UFC pay-per-view for a total of $84.98.

With the amount of UFC and a plethora of other sports content on here, MMA fans could potentially keep this service long-term to test out the other aspects of the subscription service. This would greatly benefit you if you decide to bundle since there is more than just the UFC content.

All of the future UFC PPVs will be exclusively through ESPN Sports. This is the only way from now on to watch a live pay-per-view UFC event. 

Selecting and ordering pay-per-view cards is an easy and straightforward process, whether you have the bundle, or you are looking to get the service. 

It almost feels like they are giving this away when you put together the amount of content you receive for the price you pay. For just a couple of bucks, you can try out one of the most premier sports packages ever put together, and then, of course, your UFC pay-per-view packages on top of that.  

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What Extra UFC Content Do You Get?

In addition to the upcoming events, there is also an extensive library of on-demand UFC content to stream. There are sections categorized by select fighters, and it displays their fighting libraries and best fights to really get a good look at your favorite fighters and how they operate. That sounds like a potential scouting report, but you get the idea. 

If you find yourself wanting to go back to a time in sports history and looking up that perfect fight, then you might be in luck. You can find some of the most exciting UFC PPV throwbacks to get excited about the upcoming fights. 

For example, say you are in the mood to revisit one of Chuck Liddell’s famous knockouts. You can access the platform and find his name and everything that is attached to his name in the UFC. 

There are also different themes among UFC content that could be viewed by just about anyone. There is UFC Reloaded series, which covers full replays of recent pay-per-views and fight nights, making it a must-see for recaps. 

  • UFC Unleashed covers close to an hour of the top fights and how they came to be. 
  • UFC Main Event covers various behind the scenes and backgrounds for select fights and how each fighter progressed to this point. 
  • UFC Top 10 has categories based on the best submissions, knockouts, and even upsets. 
  • Finally, there is the UFC 25 Greatest Fights, which covers a rich history of content in that regard. 

ESPN+ is your path to anything UFC-related. This includes Fight Nights, Dana White’s Contender Series, Detail from the Mind of Daniel Cormier and UFC Destined. 

With the MMA content, it would take you countless hours to go through it all. If you find yourself with some time on your hands, you could spend a productive afternoon brushing up on your UFC. 

By having a compatible device anywhere you go, this gives you, the fan, an unmatched UFC coverage experience like no other. 

UFC Shows In Detail

Dana White’s Contenders Series is about a sponsored event hosted by White himself. He has fighters from all walks of life compete against each other for a shot at winning a contract to fight in the UFC. 

UFC Destined is an all-access look at how fighters prepare for their events. It really gives you an honest look at how much these fighters go through to really make a name for themselves. 

Daniel Cormier’s Detail series breaks down the current fighters of today and how they work at becoming the best fighters. These fight analyses are a step above some of the content you will find anywhere else. 

With inside knowledge and tips, you are getting the industry standard in the sports world.

Upcoming UFC and MMA Content 

The following dates below are what is coming up on the MMA schedule. These events are through the annual subscription, while a few are available through normal cable channels. Note that all pay-per-view UFC events must be purchased, however. 

Feb. 15
UFC Fight Night: Anderson vs. Blachowicz 2
Feb. 22 (in US)
UFC Fight Night: Felder vs. Hooker
Feb. 29
UFC Fight Night: Benavidez vs. Figueiredo
March 7
UFC 248
March 14
UFC Fight Night Brasilia

Are Your Devices Compatible?

The following are supported devices for getting UFC Pay Per Views. Just about any device that is compatible with downloading the apps should work:

  • Apple: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV
  • FireTV: Fire Tablet, Fire TV
  • Android: Android TV, Phone, Tablet
  • Roku: Roku Streaming Device 
  • Samsung: Samsung Smart TV
  • Google ChromeCast 
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Oculus 

Is Getting UFC PPVs and More MMA Content Worth it?

This is an outstanding form of a paid content for sports. If you claim to eat, sleep, and breathe sports, ESPN+ could be right up your alley. 

The plentiful amount of content available is a healthy dose of the sports world, such as live events, on-demand series, and UFC streaming content. 

One should keep in mind, however, that this is not a complete cord-cutting move, but should provide you with a unique sports package at a very affordable rate. If you enjoy the UFC and MMA related, this is your best shot of getting everything you have ever dreamed of having. 

The content will only get better from here on out. It’s brand new and once there’s some time to see how this goes, it could play into a more competitive future for itself. This UFC PPV and annual sub bundle is off to an excellent start and is completely worth your time and money. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a UFC Pay-Per-View plus and annual content subscription is a good opportunity (to save 25%). With the amount of content it provides, it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you have not had access to this much content all at once before. 

For the price points, you cannot beat the deal you are currently getting and if you decide to bundle.

With all of the UFC content, it allows people interested in the sport to get a good look at what goes on behind the scenes, as well as watching fighters train for their next big fight. 

In conclusion, a UFC PPV and bundle could be the next or only MMA content service you use. Remember to best look at your situation and see if this is a potential cord-cutting move on your end, as it is limited in some areas of its content. 

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